Tunnel King

The book I am reading is called Tunnel King. The Tunnel King is a true story about a Canadian fighter pilot who gets shot down and is now in a German prisoner jail. Wally, the pilot. He ends up going to plenty of camps but his plan to escape happens at Stag Luft 3 the main jail. The prisoners dug three different Tunnels but only one got complete. The day before the escape Wally got transferred to a different jail.  The escape still went on, they expected to get 200 men out. The total that got out was 76, 50 of those men got shot in the head and they only know of 3 who got away saftley. So that is what has happend so far and the flat characters are Debby (wallys wife) the other prisoners in the camp( can’t remember their names) and the British soldiers. The only flat character in my opinion is wally, because wally is the only one they explain stuff about.

Tunnel king

The book my literacy circle and I are reading is called Tunnel King. Tunnel King is about a person named Wally and he moved to Alberta to make more money. The main thing that we have learned so far is that ever since he was a kid he wanted to become a fighter pilot. Right now he is at RCAF Royal Canadian Air Force and he is learning how to fly.

Movie post

The movie i watched was called my way. I think the movie was intended for people a little older then me so around 14 or 15. the movie is about a two guys from Korea and they are marathon runners but the one who won all the races got in a fight so was force to fight for the Koreans. But it impacted me because its about how so many people live in a none free place and I live in a free country so I think that a lot of us take that for granted. The other lesson it taught me was some times your worst enemy is your best friend

My poems



Big Fluffy

Barking Running Drinking

House Owned

Annoying jumping stinking

 Soft tall




Stripped soft

Running snorting sleeping

Best animal ever



Fall filled with big leaves

Plants and trees drop their peddles

Winter comes to fast

The message I chose was the one from the Haiku. The message is what some people think is bad or ugly others can find the good and niceness inside it.

Book Report

Book Report


The book I read was called Scorpia by Anthony Horowitz; it is a fiction story filled with thrilling adventures with a 14 year old boy named Alex. There are 312 pages in this jam packed adventure. The reason I chose this book was because one of my friends was reading a book by the same author and he said he liked it because it was about a spy, I also like spy adventures. Now that I’m done reading this book my thoughts are really positive. I enjoyed the adventure and all the different settings it had it made me feel like I was in the book or watching a movie.

There were plenty of different countries and cities in this book like Venice Italy, Paris France and London England. Most of the story was in Venice Italy and London England. When Alex is working for MI6 he’s in England and when he’s working for Scorpia he’s in Italy. In London the streets were very populated making it very hard to get around quickly. In one scene in Venice, Alex had a hard time chasing someone on a boat because he was on land and there were a lot of alleys which made it a lot like a maze.

There are a lot of characters in this book but here are the main ones, there is Alex the spy, Alan Blunt the head of MI6, Mrs. Jones the co-head of MI6, Mrs. Rothman the leader of Scorpia, Nile an agent with Scorpia and finally there is the President of the U.K. The main character is Alex a 14 year old boy who has brown hair and is average height. There wasn’t very much detail about the other characters.

This book is about a boy named Alex who is a spy, and a normal boy at the same time. His mission is to find out how his dad died because he kept getting told lies about how he died so he later on joins Scorpia which is one of the most dangerous organizations in the world. He then realizes there plan to kill 12000 kids so he decides to switch back to MI6 when he realizes that he may not have enough time to fix things and save the world. Alex finds out the truth about his dad and that gives him the motivation to save the world. But the problem is Scorpia has already killed an English soccer team and has already injected the poison into the kids and will only spare their lives if the United States of America pulls out all of their troops from all around the world. Can Alex save the world or will the kids die?

The characters in my book didn’t seem real in my opinion. They didn’t seem real because it’s like those movies where the world gets saved by an underdog. The reason I’m saying this is because it’s not your everyday thing where a 14 year old boy saves the world. Another thing is this plan that was invented to kill the kids would take years to perfect if it was even possible. The only character that I had a problem with was Alex Rider because he was too good to be 14.

I personally thought the setting was described perfectly, it described the climate of the area and the changes in the peoples clothing and attitude. I could picture being in one of these places because the way they describe the people around the place and how they acted it’s just like going on actual vacation. It was like being at a NHL hockey game because the people were from everywhere and in a hurry.

I found the story easy to follow until the end when they tell you the real truth on how Alex Rider’s dad dies because some of the lies he was told all were different parts of the truth. I enjoyed this story the most it was most likely the best book I have ever read. It was a cool storyline though, because it felt like you were in a plane watching this whole thing happen.

My all-time favourite part of the story was close to the end when you find out the truth about everything because then you look back at all the stuff that happened and you understand why it happened. I also liked that Alex saved the kids with the help of MI6, solving the problem. It was like a puzzle, when you get to the end you finally see the whole picture. That’s what it felt like for me when I was reading this book.

My favourite character was Tom, Alex’s friend because when Alex was gone for that long amount of time Tom was worried but not getting caught up in all Alex’s personal stuff. When Alex tells Tom about what he does he doesn’t freak out on him, he was in a little shock but he was cool about it. Then he understood why Alex was gone all that time it was because he was a spy. That made Tom a really good friend.

I would recommend this book to my friends because all my friends like things about adventures and mysteries like spy and war typed stuff. Scorpia is full of adventure and the best part is that the spy Alex is around our age so we can relate to some of his problems at school.

2012 in 60 Seconds

The most impotant event I thought in 2012 was the shooting in the calorado theater. I thought this because I have seen that movie and its a really good movie so one of the victims family members will not want to watch it and will be scared for the rest of there life.